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Outdoor Patio Furniture

As the leading brand in garden furniture we offer a wide range of exclusive, classic and contemporary designs in garden furniture, outdoor lighting, teak bathrooms and teak parquet. Royal Botania

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Royal Botania has earned an acclaimed reputation for creating the most refined, diverse choice of outdoor collections in the world.

The individual ranges use a wide selection of different materials, as well as being designed and manufactured to offer a perfect blend of precision and functionality. Our company goal is to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Outdoor Furniture

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For devotees of aesthetic refinement our dedicated team has created a line of exceptional products. The successful blend of precision and functionality is aimed at fulfilling each and every wish of our privileged customers. To achieve this, our full focus is on quality in every single step; from the creation , to production, distribution and after-sales service. No detail is overlooked. As a wise man called Leonardo Da Vinci once said; details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail.

When it comes to the materials, only the very best is good enough. After all our products are sold worldwide and must therefore be as resistant to the desert heat in Dubai, as to the Canadian winters or the high UV-exposure under the Australian summer-sun.


Only carefully selected mature teakwood is used, all of it harvested in strict accordance with our environmental policies. This means, or originating from plantations, or harvested in strict accordance with the “sustainable forest” policy, promoted by the WWF.

As “only the rocks live forever,” even a Royal Botania product will one day come to the end of its life. Even though that sad moment is most probably generations away, we keep that day in mind when we develop today’s products. All metal and manmade materials in our collections are nearly 100% recyclable, and natural materials such as wood and stone are infinitely exposable to the elements without harming our children’s inheritance: this precious planet. Environmental issues are one of the main principles of Royal Botania’s business governance. That’s why we have direct control on the environmental and social impact of our manufacturing process.


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Outdoor patio furniture

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